Mission statement


To create a cohesive industry body, containing members from the electrical safety testing industry in Australia.

Our common vision ‐ to develop our industry into a sustainable, professionally recognised industry, for the benefit of electrical safety in workplaces and for the electrical safety of all workers.

As a body, we aim to continually improve testing methodologies towards best‐practice. This will be achieved through membership drives, external training, research and continuous improvement in the mindset of all of our members.

We will collaborate with government bodies and agencies, and will provide reliable data and credible facts regarding the failures of appliances and safety switches.

As a membership body we will ensure all members are provided sufficient time, and always listened to with respect.

As an organisation we will realise our goals, when our industry body is seen by both our internal and external stakeholders, as the leader in electrical safety testing knowledge and expertise.

Jason Keikebosch


Jason has 16 years’ experience in the Electrical Safety Industry, commencing with his role as Production Manager an electrical tag manufacturer. In 2006 Jason established Appliance Testing Supplies - a company specialising in the provision of electrical tags and test equipment direct to end users. The business now offers nationally accredited training as a registered training organisation - across all states of Australia. Jason works closely with distributors in the electrical wholesale industry and has an extensive knowledge of the broader requirements of the electrical safety industry.

Lawrence Murphy


David Knight

David Knight has operated Lilow Industries – a Test and Tag service provider since 2006 in Brisbane. As Director of Lilow Industries, David has gained vast experience of the needs of businesses in regards to electrical safety compliance and the challenges faced by both small business owners, and larger corporations. David’s vision for an industry network to share best practice, experience and ambition has been pivotal in the formation of NESTA and the successes achieved during the 2013 Electrical Regulation review in QLD.



Sarah Allen

Sarah is General Manager and co-founder of Appliance Tagging Services, a leading Electrical Safety provider with service technicians in all states and territories. Named the Vic/Tas Franchise Woman of the Year in 2013, Sarah oversees the Sales, Marketing and Operations functions along with the development of the franchising functions of the business.   She has a solid understanding of electrical safety legislation across Australia and is sought after for comment on electrical safety management.


Membership  recruitment co-ordinator
James Anderson


James joined the Electrical Safety Industry in 2005 in a role Sales and Marketing role for Test and Tag Supplies  - a company established in 2003 to service the needs of the growing electrical appliance testing industry. Since 2007 as Managing Director, James has transformed the business from a local state based operation to becoming a national supplier of test and measurement equipment and consumables. James has leveraged his experience and long-term relationships in the industry and Direct Marketing experience to help grow the NESTA’s membership base and communicate key issues to service providers. 

State Co-ordinators

State co-ordinator roles are responsible for driving membership in their respective states and implementing association strategies.  Critically they respond to legislative changes and impacts, acting as a conduit for data and information from and to the association. Additionally, state-co-coordinators contribute to broader association strategies and attend committee meetings as appropriate.


QLD Co-ordinator

Richard Alt

Richard has been the State Sales Manager for Emona Instruments since 1998. Emona has been the Importer of Seaward Test and tag equipment since 1991 and provides Sales, service and calibration of Seawards equipment. In his role Richard performs technical sales and training to users in the electrical, electronic and health and safety industries.


NSW Co-ordinator
Darren Brown

A former Managing Director of a large building supply company for over 12 years, Darren has extensive experience in the retail, hire and building sectors, including 7 years as a director of the Hardware Association of NSW. With 13 years experience in the “Electrical Testing arena” he has successfully managed and rolled out a considerable amount of large contracts including the initial “Electrical Testing Program” for over 400 schools. Currently Darren holds the position of “National Sales Director” with one of the fastest growing companies in their field in Australia, last year ETS sales grew by over 22%


Northern NSW Co-ordinator

Damien Lory


VIC Co-ordinator
John Stone

John has had 7 Years experience running On-Site Test & Tag providing electrical safety testing services to Victorian business.On-Site Test & Tag specialises in electrical safety testing for the building and petroleum industries.Johns runs a small one man business with connections to other like minded small test & tag business in Melbourne.



TAS Co-ordinator
Simon Bevan

Simon has worked in the electrical industry for over 25 years. Completing a 5 year apprenticeship in London, Simon moved to Australia in 2001. As Director of Aintree Contracting, Simon manages prestigious clients across Australia and Internationally. Based in predominantly in Tasmania, Simon brings his extensive experience within the broader electrical industry to NESTA while delivering communication channels with local Tasmania service providers.


WA Co-ordinator
Nigel Yoxall