NESTA Annual General Meeting

The 2019 National Electrical Safety Testing Association Inc Annual General Meeting will take place on Thursday 17th October 2019 at 4:00 PM AUS Eastern Daylight Time.

All financial members are invited to attend the meeting.

Fact: Up to 11% of RCDs are faulty!

During the recent Queensland regulatary assesment many facts where uncovered including the extremely worying fact that there is very little data relating to Safety switch reliability. The only data found painted a very vague picture that between 3 and 11 % of Safety switches tested in government instalations (non hostile environment) failed.

Many of the people we meet or talk to within our industry are business owner / opperators, and find they dont have the time to offer. However they still want to help Click here to donate.

If you are concerned with the growing number of potentially deadly electrical / electronic appliances, contact us to see how you can help us to ensure the continued safety of our workplaces and homes.


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NESTA was formed by a small group of business owners, who in response to proposed legislation changes, decided our industry needed a formal association.

This association aims to improve training standards, best practices and provide help and recourses to our members.